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If you're new to the area or are looking for a new dentist in Rochester, MI, consider Family Smiles Dental for your family’s dental care. Our staff is committed to providing the very best of care using the latest in dental technology. Our practice is currently accepting new patients without the long wait for your first appointment that is typically experienced when switching dentists.

Why Switch to Us For Routine and Restorative Dental Care?

At Family Smiles Dental, we’ve invested in the newest dental equipment to ensure exceptional care for our patients. You’ll experience the benefits of our investment if you should need root canal treatment, a dental implant, or another restorative service that most other dentists still have to refer their patients out of the office for.

We believe our patients would be more comfortable in familiar surroundings when they need specialized care, which is why we offer many treatments and procedures in-house. Speak with our staff about Invisalign orthodontic treatment, dental implants to replace missing teeth, root canal therapy to save a tooth, as well as routine and cosmetic dentistry.

An Affordable Dentist in Rochester, MI

You may have noticed the costs of dental care rising in recent years. Due to the costs of equipment, materials, and training, dental care can be costly, however, at Family Smiles Dental, we do everything we can to keep prices at their lowest. Our honesty and affordability have earned us a reputation in the greater Rochester area as one of the most caring dental practices in the region.

Let us know how we can help with understanding your insurance benefits, verifying your plan, or navigating the paperwork. We offer alternate payment methods to help patients get the dental care they need now, even if they can’t afford to pay until later.

Painless Dentistry

Even with no-pain practices, we understand many patients are somewhat anxious about seeing their dentist for routine preventive care, cleanings, whitening procedures, and restorative work. We offer options for sedation that can keep you comfortable and relaxed during your entire visit.

Feel free to call our staff to discuss your needs with regards to sedation. If you have a fear of the dentist chair, we recommend bringing a cell phone or mobile device with headphones and your favorite music to help you relax and get through treatment. Many of our patients find they don’t even need sedation on subsequent visits when they realize how modern dentistry has eliminated the pain and uncomfortable noises and sensations that once accompanied treatment.

Give us a call when searching for the best dentist in Rochester, MI. Our convenient location on W Auburn Rd will make it easy to make appointments on time. We’re close to popular shopping areas and entertainment, so you can run errands before or after your appointment to save time. Book a new patient appointment with our staff at Family Smiles Dental Care. We’ll keep your family’s smiles looking their best.

Dentist Rochester Mi

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