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Dental hygiene is no longer a mystery to anyone. However, despite most of the people knowing the general dos and don’ts, the situation is far from ideal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that only 64% of the American adults visited the dentist in 2015. Here, at Family Smiles, we consider these statistics unacceptable.

Caring for your oral hygiene involves more than brushing and flossing regularly. The services of a Rochester Hills dentist are paramount for maintaining your dental health in check in the long-term. There is no other way of preventing severe dental and oral problems than resorting to the services of a specialist regularly.

Choosing your dentist wisely is another aspect you should treat with caution. Not all dental service providers share the same standards, and you should be interested in peak quality and professionalism. Three main deciding factors form the portrait of the perfect practice:

  1. The impeccable quality of the services
  2. An exhaustive list of procedures, covering all possible situations
  3. Professional, caring, and experienced staff

With these three aspects defining our practice here, in Rochester Hills, we have become a leading provider in a world where competition, excellence, and passion dictate the quality. And we use these concepts to perfect and promote our wide range of services which include:

  • Family dentistry – A Rochester Hills dentist is specialized in treating the entire family, regardless of factors like age, according to which many general dentists restrict their services. We care for both the young and the old, making sure the whole family is healthy and happy.

  • Cosmetic dentistry – A beautiful smile is the symbol of adequate oral hygiene. Our cosmetic procedures include fixing chipped, cracked or misaligned teeth, using veneers to change teeth’s appearance, or teeth whitening in case of discoloration and stains. All with the noble purpose of helping people smile free and uninhibited.

  • Emergency dentistry – We cover a wide range of situations, including teeth or jaw trauma, severe toothaches, and other conditions in need of urgent intervention. In such circumstances, our specialists may use invasive procedures to fix the problems, including maxillofacial surgery.

In the end, not caring for your dental health is not caring for your general wellbeing. When ignored or undiscovered, oral problems will advance to more severe stages, some with lethal potential. Untreated gingivitis will lead to periodontitis, which can even trigger heart disease in some cases.

Other significant risks include oral cancer and respiratory infections, showing that prevention is vital is the long run. We use our experience to educate people on the topic and provide them with some of the best services in the practice. A Rochester Hills dentist is more than a dental specialist – he is a friend.

At Family Smiles, we guide ourselves using our passion and our consideration for a millennia-old medical practice. We strive in not only keeping people healthy but also in helping them smile more. Make an appointment and leave everything to us!

Rochester Hills Dentist

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